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Adventure time

Sorry I have been quite the busy bee! hanging with the rest of the crew of Fat Babes Club planning and executing our 2nd BoPo pool party and driving across the Mid West to talk on a panel about collaboration at Dream Big Mid West! It was an amazing experience, not only was this Fat babes club of Columbus's very 1st Convention and panel collectively, it was also my very first time in Chicago! Let me say it was such a beautiful and magical time. I honestly can't wait to go back. Now I love NYC But I feel like Chicago is the Mid West Version of that, with a lot less aggression and more hospitality. I feel completely in love with this city and I am counting the days to when I get to come back and visit! I want to explore so much more! As for The Fat Babes club 2nd Bopo pool gathering , Ughh mood forever! This time around there were less familiar faces and lots more bonds and friendships made. I was so emotional from all the beautiful people that came and interacted with me! 3 Co- Founder's mothers were in attendance (My mom was there sqweee) it was so wonderful for her to experience this! She hasn't been swimming in years and she came all the way out of her shell! My big sister came too, she said she has never felt a vibe like this or has seen anything like this in her life!! That made me emo too haha, I just want every babe to feel like this! Im so glad we are in a time in our lives where amazing people are doing simple things to make people feel like Humans! I am beyond honored to help this be an attainable thing for all.

Back to Dream Big Midwest this is only the 3rd year for this and I can't wait to see what else this blooms into! The creator of this Convention is so humble and a regular working lady that wants to help everyone come together in a space that is so often looked over. The Midwest... However The Midwest is where a lot of the magic happens! Lots of plus size brands and modeling agencies are based here! SO I was very happy to be able to join this movement and build this connection! I also had the opportunity to meet and get Inspo from another fellow plus size blogger who has been doing this longer. Sarah from

She re- energized me and gave me a new way to look at doing what I love. So there is so much more to learn and I can't wait to see what else is in store.


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