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Chicago is the reason

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

So I think it's official, Ive got a crush on Chicago. The city is filled with beauty and is as busy as NYC but still has that Mid West love. To think that the trip there is about 5ish hours which really isn't a bad haul from Columbus. I can see myself living in Chicago... Well when it doesn't snow ha, soooo in the warmer months. Anyways The culture is rich and the architecture is my new obsession. I can't wait to get back there to my new love ! My cousin who is an up and coming artist lives there and showed us the sweetest little slice of Chicago Heaven , Henry C. Palmisano Nature park. When I say I truly FELT the words that Sampha sang in in the song "Temporary view" while we were up on the hill in this park Is a whole understatement. It was a sight to see. Perfect snapshot of the urban landscape that is the Chi. Okay that's it, I just had to share again the reason why Chicago is cool. WELLLPP BYYYE , y'all already know that I'm just here to add a feeling to my pictures I'm not a wordy word blogger !!!!

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