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Updated: Jul 9, 2019

SOOO I'm still processing how amazing our 1st event went! It was a complete high! first of all for us being a group of newly formed Insta instant friends and it being colaborativly put together in a month it was a beautiful moment for fat bodies! FAT!!! Yes say it with me haha. I think people get so uncomfortable by the way bigger people are built that they think that fat is a bad and or derogatory word. Think of it like this. (The cucumber was skinny) is that a bad word? What if I said ( The cucumber is fat?) Is that an observation? does that define the cucumbers Potential for being delicious? If you asked me I would prefer the fat cucumber! I get more bang for my buck!! However there is a purpose for both! With that being said stop associating fatness with being not beautiful, or being sloppy. We just Want to be okay to take up space without being scrutinized for simply being. Let me just tell you this too !! All the fabulous big bodies came out and they didn't come to play ! We had so much love in one space where every body was a good body!! ALL BODIES are welcomed in our space. ALL FOLX are welcomed in our space! We can't wait to spread community and come together with our surrounding sister groups all around Ohio to find the best resources for BODIES LIKE OURS!! BE sure to follow along on our journey @fatbabesclubofcolumbus



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