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Getting Jiggy with our new Big Figgy! A couple of months in our Big Fig Mattress !


So I’m going to be completely candid with you friends! I was completely intrigued by my Big Fig Mattress, I could NOT wait to get it!!! However, I started a new job, and my LIFE was just busy all around me !! So our new Big Fig sat in our kitchen for a good four weeks before we took it upstairs and finally got it put together. Now let’s talk about how easy it was to put together. I’m not gonna lie I tried to put it together by myself. It wasn’t for me (because I try to do too much at once, I’m an Aquarius so duh)


So my husband immediately stepped in ! And when I say we got this frame and box frame up in no time, I am not kidding! I think I frustrated him a little bit because I was trying to help but I just didn’t help to too much. I was the one handing him stuff. Anyways, so we assembled the box and the frame With no tools which is amazing because To be honest I didn’t get my first set of tools until I moved in with my husband when we were dating. So this is fantastic for people that don’t necessarily have those to start off with like me (cough cough Adulting) when I was a young twenty something.


So we finally get our bed up it took a little bit longer than anticipated but we got there!! I was so happy to finally be able to comfortably rest and lounge on our new bed. Now let me tell you I am a shorty , so it was quite an adjustment with the height. I love the Boost, I feel lifted and elevated when I’m laying in our Big Fig! So the 1st night was truly an adjustment , we had a Casper bed before and i thought it was doing an ok job for what it was. LET ME TELL YOUUUU! No I always immediately fell into the sunken place on or old mattress, It simply was soft and not supportive of my body; My husbands body yes! He is small and slender. So when we snuggled up for bed that first night our bodies didn’t know how to react!


Our Big Fig gives us just enough softness, and firmness without compromising our partners sleep ! I was in awe when I got out of bed and he didn’t feel me move. So with that being said we are definitely big fans of our Big Fig! He even went on to say what is life? Where have we been all this time to not even consider all of the factors Big Fig had to offer in a mattress for our sleeping dynamic? The motion isolation alone is amazing for us, but ot perks include

Hybrid Construction Cooling Technology Lasting Comfort & Support Strong Foundation

This is truly such a thoughtful mattress design, bigger bodies aren’t considered usually. I think that it is amazing to see and to enjoy the comfort. Big Fig has not only considered bodies of size but perfected this amazing mattress to make bigger fuller figures feel comfortable in their rest too!

So we are sleeping so comfortable and sound and my husband said he doesn’t roll to middle anymore haha! Which isn’t soo bad because he’s closer to me , Sleep well Starlights !




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