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make new friends but keep the old

hiding from engagement

I think this will be the best first post that I cold possibly produce. Why you ask yourself ? Well I simply think that the older I get, the less I want to share with the world. Not that I don't like to share because I surely do! I sometimes can't articulate what I want to say. SO sometimes I want to say something but a little thing called word vomit really sucks and it happens to me quite often! I usually talk myself out of it but!!!!!!!I am strange and unusual and thats what makes my quirkiness so much more bizarre to some people. SO this is my attempt to be more open, and use my big girl words.. I'm not for everyone but, I try to be as candid as possible because sometimes your experiences can help someone new. So to my friends old that help me and new that help me cheers and merci!



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