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People aren't lying , Disney World is magical!


Basically my most of my life, I never imagined I would go to Walt Disney World! I am very much a sucker for all things cute, animated and larger than life so It was always something I wanted to do... HOWEVER it just wasn't a thing I thought was attainable as a kid. Actually now that I mention this I think its so crazy that a lot of the things I thought were ridiculous and absurd to treat yourself with or indulge in as a kid, or this is "a once in a blue moon" type of deal were so grandiose and expensive, and kids like me or hell young adults like me can't have or achieve. I think that's a big part of the reason why I treat myself often!! I work hard and I can have a sparkly pair of boots if I wanted them! I love shoes, definitely one of my many vices. I have about 30-50 pairs honestly , when I was a kiddo I had only 2 pairs at the most. SO with that being said I like to make sure to have what makes me happy and to experience life and moments I never would think I could have.

So I decided for my 33rd birthday I would go to Disney World!!! It indeed a magical place and I think adults should definitely explore Disney world trips as alternatives to massive birthday parties. We didn't go for very long we were there for about 4 days and stayed in a value resort. So I didn't break the bank like many would assume. Actually the rumor is that the longer you stay the cheeper park tickets are so that's something to think about. I also purchased Disney gift cards for several months leading up to the trip which work at almost everywhere at Disney Springs and all the parks. Also if you don't use all of your gift cards you can use them on goodies at the online Disney store or any other Disney venture you choose. All in all I can't wait to get my feet back on park grounds and if you are considering a wonderful trip please consider a person to help. I had the pleasure to just kick back and relax and just show up where I needed to be because of an angel named Melissa Krammer! she planned my whole trip besides my flight, and got us all the way situated! This was included with my resort reservations and complimentary. Sooo that's it it wasn't unatainable, and a wonderful moment that I can't wait to do again ! Please check out Melissa Krammer she will get you the most magical vacation.



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