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Rocky Mountain Way

If you’ve never been to Colorado, let me start with this. It’s literally not what you expect! Well let me just say what I expected! For some reason when we arrived in Denver I immediately imagined Mountains around as far as the eye could see. To my surprise they were Merely a sight in the distance. I Was still blown away. Iv’e seen the mountains and foothills of Appalachia. Ive seen the Laguna mountains!! These mountains were rugged and gave me a feeling !! They hit completely different. Now we had to fly into Denver, but didn’t spend a lot of time there. We are heading to Longmont , which is practically Boulder ( but not) Longmont is such a cute little Municipality. Pretty spreaded out but plenty to do. We stayed there and drove up to Estes Park and to Downtown Boulder. Estees Park is your Hippy dippy town where the folx probably source as much food and goods from around their town! Super cute and LOTS of Ice cream shops! One thing we noticed was most shops opend mid week, and closed early! SO we didn’t do a whole lot of exploring . HOWEVER we got to check out The Stanley Hotel. The Stanley was the Inspo for Stephen Kings book The Shining and Dumb & Dumber was filmed there. ITS SUCH A GORGEOUS SPACE.You also get an amazing view of the Rockies. I Could’ve looked at them all day.


Now lets talk about the more chiseled mountains that are closer to the collage hub of Downtown Boulder! Remember that Sponge Bob episode with buff Squidward?! Well these mountains in Boulder literally are just that! Buff and more raw formations that aren’t snow capped at all these bad boys my friends are called the Flat Irons ! They are so cool looking and when you visit downtown Boulder you are able to check out a ton of shops at the Pearl street mall and there are so many dining options. We didn’t stay long but explored lots of scenery one thing to consider when in Colorado is mapping out where the In & Out burgers are !! ITS a West Coast must however, very easy to get in and then out ( haha) in Colorado because its not overly saturated with folk wanting to go because they have to have it ! All in all I can’t wait to visit again and I hope I can pack some more colorful amazing things in when we do make our ways back !


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