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Stoney Clover Lane X Target

Stoney Clover Lane has teamed up with Target launch the cutest cost friendly collab this year! These items were super limited and were gone within minutes!! ( folx we’re super mad 😬)

However, this collab came just in time for Easter! I felt like I was on a real life adult Easter Egg hunt. Now I will say I’ve shopped with Stoney Clover Lane before this drop , I really love their vision . It’s cute , practical and for anyone who has a love fun +colorful accessories. Despite their Nylon bags and accessories being practical for everyday life.. The price tags on some of their items though aren’t priced practically.

You can grab a Classic STL Backpack from their mainline collections for the retail price of $148 or the Classic backpack from the Target drop which retails at $30 bucks !! I adored this because there are so many folx out here that can’t realistically drop all that money on Stoney Clover Lane’s mainline. So bravo in making it accessible to so many people. There still were lots of other things I noticed that really didn’t sit right with me . Like the plus size stuff only having like 5 of each item online AND across the U.S. , their stories on socials the day the day of the drop lacked people of color which is a huge yikes from me 😬 annd lastly the Folx they picked to do campaigns with didn’t fit their brand at all.. Maybe only one of them ! I Would’ve loved to see someone more colorful and upbeat like Team Sparkle or like Glitter Buggin representing Just didn’t feel genuine! Everything is super cute though and I look forward to their growth and hope To see some more diversity 🥰


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