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✨Walking on sunshine✨

For as long as I could remember , I’ve been a sucker for pastel things! I always begged for Jordan Almonds when I saw them in the stores ! When I got them in my little hands I would look at the beautiful colors over and over again ! I seriously appreciated EVERY SINGLE COLOR! Every time I see a pastel palette of colors it instantly puts a smile on my face. So every Spring I make it my mission to find everything pastel from my favorite brands and make them part of my year round wardrobe. I've noticed one thing though, sometimes there aren't very many options for shoes.

Let me tell you though when I do find good ones its always in abundance 🙌🏾 Here are a few of my absolute favorites I’ve found in the last few months. It’s like an Easter egg hunt , happy hunting !

Styles by Jessica Butrich not listed above are here #6 sweet sunshine boot & #8 sweet sunshine midi pumps


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