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Joyful Columbus Ohio

Columbus is such a vibrant City, often times folks really don't get its sparkling charm! There is so much to see and lots of colorful burts of joy fulness around this city and surrounding areas! Here are a few of my favorites little nooks of Cbus!

  1. Pins Mechanical Company

Pins is easily one of the best attractions at Easton Town Center! Its fun it has lots of classic video games you can play which are all mostly free if you grab a bevie to drink (Yes there's non- alcoholic options! Might I suggest a slushy) pinball and a few other games cost money but WELL worth it! Don't forget to reserve some time for duck pin bowling! It's so much fun and highly addicting.. The balls fit in your hand perfectly. When your hungry you'll also be able to soon grab a hotdog and some tots from the built in fast casual restaurant Weenie Wonder

2. Franklin Park Conservatory

One of the city's sparkling gems ! The Franklin park conservatory offers beauty and peaceful ambiance. With many offerings for everyone in the whole family. From the Butterfly garden to the beautifully lit up holiday display Aglow. You can also grab a bite in the Cafe on site.

3. Scene 75

This place is endless fun ! It's the large indoor entertainment center. You can seriously spend a good amount of time here. There's a drop tower, roller coaster , Karaoke booth, 3 bars , a restaurant , and lots of games and animation. Scene 75

Is also connected to Tuttle mall so you can get some shopping done after too!

Hope this gives you some vibrant ideas next time you explore the city !



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