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For every 10 no's

Let me just start with this, I whole heartedly appreciate every single oportunity I get , I also am truly blown away from the amount love and support I get everyday from a mass variety of people from all walks of life ! I won’t lie and say that I don’t get fomo from time to time because I do! For a discouraging as that can get sometimes I want to be that mirror for representation. I think it’s TREMENDOUS that we have so many fabulous people that we can draw inspiration from and to look to. That wasn’t a huge thing when I was growing up. Nobody looked like me and nobody was embracing the curvy , the peculiar, the strange…. And dare I say the Brown babes. SO no matter what for me I am doing work, even when I am not being SEEN I am being seen ! whatever I do no matter how small or big it’s laying a foundation for someone else later down the road. So for every single no , there is a bigger YES !! It may not be for what I want it to be for at that moment but ,Somebody needed to see, hear, or experience what I had to say or to offer and that definitely makes me want to share even more! SOOO FOR EVERY NO THERE IS ALWAYS A BIGGER YES ! The picture is so much more than we may see in front of us.



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